Viva L’Italia

“If we get married, we should have our wedding here because it’s so romantic.”

I choked on the chocolate chip gelato I was shoving in my face.

“Dude – you can’t just say shit like that.”

(I’ve always known how to ruin a moment.)

But the thing was – I loved him exactly because he’d say shit like that. He was confident and authentic and didn’t play games.

We’d been dating for all of 3 months – but we’d been friends for 5 years before that. And suddenly one day, I couldn’t imagine life without him. He was my partner. He felt like home. And he was right, Italy was incredibly romantic.

But, I was 22 years old, I swore I’d never get married, and I wasn’t totally sure that I could give up the habit of making out with my co-stars in my trailer during lunch breaks. But he was the first guy that really made me consider it. That’s why I had brought him to Italy.

For the year or two prior, I had been contemplating a slow exit out of acting – I thought maybe I’d be happier working behind the camera. I produced a short film called Day After Day and it was selected to be in a showcase at the Cannes Film Festival. What a perfect way to show off to my new boyfriend.

So, three months into our relationship, I invited him to come to France on my work trip to take the film to the festival. We traveled around Italy as well – which is where he made me choke on chocolate chip gelato.

Four years later, I realized I really was done with kissing boys in my trailer (and actually, I realized I was done with the trailers and the films that provided them, as well) so we went back to Italy and said vows.

Jakub 007

And now, after 9 years of marriage, we are on our way back to Italy to celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday. Because I married the kind of guy who says that what he wants most for his birthday is to go back to that very romantic place.

He always has the best ideas.

So, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. I’ll eat some gelato for you.

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20 Replies to “Viva L’Italia”

  1. Married in Italy… Not a country on top of my list, if I ever get married anyway (I doubt it). My choices would be up north, think Norway, Sweden and Finland, preferably with a snowy environment. Not that there’s anything wrong with Italy (love Italian food 😉 ), but getting married there?…

    I hope you two have a great time there!

  2. “Now, as in Tullia’s tomb, one lamp burnt clear,
    Unchanged for fifteen hundred year,
    May these love-lamps we here enshrine,
    In warmth, light, lasting, equal the divine.
    Fire ever doth aspire,
    And makes all like itself, turns all to fire,
    But ends in ashes ; which these cannot do,
    For none of these is fuel, but fire too.
    This is joy’s bonfire, then, where love’s strong arts
    Make of so noble individual parts
    One fire of four inflaming eyes, and of two loving hearts.”

    ~ John Donne

  3. That is very romantic and very special. Glad you found someone that treats you so good. Now if I could find a woman like that I would be so happy. But at my age (63) no one is interested. All the women want some young stud. Enjoy your trip back to Italia Lisa.

  4. My husband says shit like that as well … perhaps that is why he is my husband. Although, Italy … well, hard to compete with that! Have a great time! Beautiful story.

  5. Ciao! Bella Racconto. Your writing has made some amazing strides. Each day is more impressive than the previous. Enjoy your journey.

  6. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for your beautiful words. I have watched Robin’s movies since I was a child. Though I am NOT old enough to have watched Mork/Mindy originals, I do remember my mom & I watching the reruns. I’m pretty sure I own everything he’s ever done. After reading your beautiful words I found your blog. I applaud you on NOT being one of those “train wrecks” and am so incredibly happy for you. I love forward to your book.
    Best regards,

  7. Congratulation for the location! I’m reading from Italy, and i’m italian 😀
    Hope you enjoyed the coming back. Where have you been?

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