Upcoming event at Bowers Writers House at Elizabeth College


I am super thrilled to be speaking at Bowers Writers House at Elizabethtown College in PA!

In two weeks, I’ll be discussing inspiration, the creative process and I’ll be reading a chapter from my book. I’ll also try to stay calm and not just squeal with excitement about getting to talk writing all weekend.

I’ve done talks at high schools and conventions before but this will be my first time at a college. I still get nervous about the whole try-not-to-look-stupid-in-front-of-people thing…but I really love the connection and energy that come from engaging in person.

And I suppose it’s good for me to get out of my house and put on real pants once in a while.

If your school/organization is interested in having me come talk – about writing/living authenticity/my life growing up – contact me at LisaJakub108@gmail.com.

And many thanks to Bowers Writers House for having me!


19 Replies to “Upcoming event at Bowers Writers House at Elizabeth College”

  1. Good luck on your talk at Elizabeth college, Lisa. I’m sure you will do great. I wish I could be there to see and listen. And get your autograph of course, and see you in person! Best wishes,

  2. Aaww, congratulations, how e.x.i.t.i.n.g! I would totally come and hear you speak. Only I live in Norway – it would be a long walk… hah! 😀
    All the best!
    (ps. I read your blog all the time but this was my first comment, about time, lol 😛 )

  3. Wonderful news Lisa……you will shine for sure!!! So happy for you!!!!!! Wish the miles were closer….I’d be there to celebrate the moment!

  4. I wonder why you had to close the comments on your last blog post. If you were getting threats of any kind I do understand, because no one deserves those. But oherwise it’s a bit of a frustration for those who wanted to respond to others on there as part of open debates.

    1. Hey Noor, unfortunately, I had to close comments because there were aggressive and inappropriate things being said, and it was becoming just too time consuming for me to manage them. I may open them back up at some point, but I won’t allow that kind of disrespect on my site – to me or anyone else. Debate is fine, but that wasn’t what was happening. There are lots of other places on the internet where people can write nasty stuff. 🙂

      1. Okay, I do understand it being time-consuming to moderate out any nasty stuff, and thank you for clarifying.

      2. Way to prove feminists care about men by shutting down (presumably, as it happened within a few hours of my comment) discussion again when I point that statistics and facts show that campuses are far safer for women and that male rape victims deserve some light.

  5. You’re going to be awesome, Lisa! I wish I could be there. I’d love to hear you speak. But I’m way up in Canada so it’s probably not going to happen. LOL

  6. Hi Lisa, Canada here too, forgot you were one of ours. Good luck with your talk, you will do great, and good for shutting down the hostiles. It is sad in our time people still don’t “Get It”.

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