I would rather fail than quit


I found myself saying this last night during an online book club for my memoir You Look Like That Girl. I truly believe that when we stop fearing failure – incredible things can happen.

Failure is not the end of the story.

Failure is necessary.

So, if there is something you’ve been waiting to do – that book you want to write, that business you want to start, that person you want to talk to – do it.

Let go of that voice that says you don’t have a story to tell and you don’t have the right and you might look stupid. I don’t know who that annoying voice is, but it’s not you. If you’ve been waiting for someone to come give you permission to live with courage: here it is.

Permission granted.

Look around. The world can be a scary, uncertain  place. Who knows how much time we have?

So get out there.

Fall on your face.

And then pick your brave ass up and do it again.

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12 Replies to “I would rather fail than quit”

  1. Wow, I have felt that way so many times in my life I am not someone that likes to talk about stuff like this but I have been jobless for more then 3 years and still live with my parents(have never moved out) and I keep on trying to do job applications and interviews and dating even though I have failed many times, I think it is better to keep on trying then to quit, I have never been a quitter, I finished 7 years of college and got my associate’s after a long struggle and I believe it was because I did not quit and I stayed with the last job I had because I did not quit, I was just fired for something I did not do which is worse but I think I was brave enough to stay there instead of quitting because I had a bad manager!

  2. I was very shy at a young age and through school it was difficult to even raise my hand or go to the teacher with a question. As I went to college one of my roommates told me his experience being shy and how it effected his grades and any jobs that he tried to get usually failed . He said one day he woke up and told himself to challenge himself each and every day. I remember that day cause when he started our Junior year in high school he came up to me introduced himself and he told me that was the first day he tried challenging himself. I think facing our fears is a very tough thing to do. After my roommate told me his story i did the same. I reached out to people , i applied for jobs that I would interact with others . I spoke up in class. I felt so much better about myself and did so much better in life overall. I know the pitfalls of life too. Not everything is roses. I have had the Heartache of a loved one dying. Losing a job and not knowing when i would get another. I do believe in trying and if i fail I get right back on and try again! Life isn’t perfect its just us climbing and if we slip we get back on and climb Higher!

  3. “A heroic mind will prefer falling or missing the mark nobly in a lofty enterprise, whereby he manifests the dignity of his mind, to obtaining perfection in things less noble, if not base.”
    ~Giordano Bruno, De Gli Heroici Furori or The Heroic Frenzies

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