Mostly I write but sometimes I say the words out loud

Hey all,

I wanted to share this clip from a talk I did in June – all about anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Even though I don’t entirely love living with these things – I love talking about this stuff. It makes me feel less alone, it reduces the social stigma around mental health and above all, it reminds me that healing is possible when we can connect and laugh and say to each other oh my God, I totally know what you mean.

Hope you enjoy this short clip. (I have been doing more talks lately, so I should have more clips to share soon.) And if you’re interested in having me come talk at your school, organization or conference – you can see my speaking kit here!

14 Replies to “Mostly I write but sometimes I say the words out loud”

  1. The short clip was pretty cool. The forehead thing makes one wince a bit and the zipstrip thing is pretty powerful, lets say. You’re making me feel things even if they are a little painful. Dave Barry makes me feel things (good and bad) and he’s my favorite author.

  2. I was really hoping for more on the “things to do that help to cope with the anxiety” ….in the last 6 seconds you say best thing to do is “show up” I need more i need more! I’m sure you know from someone that has anxiety that probably the most fearful thing is to face it head on. That’s what i got from the “just show up” advice. How can find out more? When does the book come out? When are you coming to Illinois? When is the next clip? ok 10 deep breaths, that’s better…ok sorry about that. I was really moved by that clip…I found it relatable right away with the “What do you do when you are sleeping and at 3am it hits you” that happens to me like once every other week. =(

    Also, i love love love that mantra “Embrace your weird.” I am going to incorporate that into my daily life. Ok sorry for the novel response, but that clip moved me and made me thirst for more,

    1. I’m thrilled that you connected with it! I’m working on the book – it should be out next year. I’ll post more clips with ideas and methods in the meantime!

  3. Lisa,
    I just forwarded your video to a friend who’s teen daughter is suffering from panic attacks. He is worried sick about her. Your voice reinforces the idea of how important it is to know one is not a freak and alone with their struggle. Anxiety and I are close friends; it runs in my family. My girlfriend said she is happy to talk with my friend and/or daughter is a Pediatric Behavioral Health Nurse Practitioner with her own bouts of anxiety as well as her adult daughter. Thanks for adding your ingredients to the pie.

  4. Well done. Talking about these issues are important. Anxiety can be isolating and debilitating. But I’ve found that if I talk about it, most people can relate in some way and my own experience with panic attacks has become something that connects rather than divides.

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