Revisited: why I will do yoga until the day I die

On Friday, I graduated from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Heath – I am now a certified yoga teacher. 

I’d like to pay my respects to how it all started…


Standing Bow in Cape Town

I will do yoga until the day I die. Yeah, I know. That’s a big statement. Especially for me.

I can have some bandwagon tendencies. I jump on and ride along for about six months until a more interesting wagon rolls on by. For a while, thought I needed to buy a potter’s wheel, I looked for apartments to rent in South Africa and went through a phase where thought I really needed to be able to read hieroglyphs.

This is different. Yoga is a keeper. This is a lifelong practice for me and if I ever stop doing it, someone needs to kick my ass back on to the mat because I’ve temporarily lost my mind.

Yoga taught me how to manage my panic attacks and anxiety, it has lessened my depression and made me a much happier person. It’s made my marriage stronger and has given me the supportive community that I’ve always wanted.

And then there is the physical stuff.

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Revisiting: Money

*I’m working hard on my new book and finding myself with little time for new blog posts. I decided to bring back some older posts that you might have missed… Hope you enjoy!


It’s surprising to me that people actually ask me how much money I make.

I guess they have heard about “residuals” and are just curious to know how that works, but it seems like a ridiculous thing to ask. I feel like they should follow-up by asking for my weight and the date of my last period.

But people wonder about these things so I need to come up with some sort of answer. Continue reading

The sergeant and the wren: it’s about the little things

My badge reads:

Lisa: experienced cat socializer

It has paw print stickers all over it.

I expected to walk dogs when I started volunteering once a week at the no-kill shelter. I saw myself as firmly Team Dog. But they needed help with the cats so I went to help with the cats.

I soon found that I had a knack with the…um…”difficult” cats. The ones who take a chunk out of your arm if you make eye contact. The abused, traumatized, aggressive felines. For some reason, I can touch the cats no one else can get near. I can take the wild-eyed maniacs and turn them into the cuddly lap sitters that everyone wants to take home.

I don’t have very many valuable skills – but I am the Asshole Cat Whisperer. Continue reading

Pausing for Memorial Day

13248501_10153529166202805_1753413512293648560_o (1)

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend full of flags and barbecues and beer.

I also hope you are able to take a moment to acknowledge the meaning of the day – a reminder to think of those who died serving this country.

I always had respect for American military holidays, but they felt a little removed to me. I am Canadian, I don’t have family in the military and I’m not sure that I’ve ever spent much time with a veteran before.

Until last weekend.

I went to Texas to teach a writing class during a yoga retreat for vets. Expedition Balance is a non-profit organization based in Houston that helps veterans cope with post traumatic stress disorder. We gathered together and we did yoga, we wrote,  played games, watched movies, made art and cooked dinner. We did outdoorsy Texas ranch things like fishing and horseback riding and hiking and sitting around a campfire. Continue reading