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With Thomas Roberts
~ With Thomas Roberts


MSNBC – Way Too Early with Thomas Roberts

CNN – Outfront with Erin Burnett

I Was There, Too Podcast

Fox 46 interview

CBS 6 interview

KTLA interview (Los Angeles)

San Diego Living interview

Newsweek (again)



Daily Progress

Parade Magazine

US Magazine


CTV News


NY Daily News

HuffPost Live

Digital Journal

New in Books

The Arizona Republic

Inked for a Cause

The Note Show Podcast


Yahoo UK

Yahoo Canada



Crushable – again

Huffington Post

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26 Replies to “Photos & Press”

  1. Hi Lisa, I just read your entire blog and now have sore non-existent abs from laughing so hard. Love your ‘what I’ve been up to’ according to the internet! Stay gorgeous. x

  2. Hi Lisa, just wondering if you still ride…..I think you had lessons with me for awhile at Briar Hall Stables in Oakville. Often wondered where you ended up – glad to hear you had some success and have stayed sane & well!

    1. Oh my gosh – hi Dorothy! I remember you well. I don’t ride much anymore, but I miss it. I live in horse country in Virginia now and I often think about getting back to riding. I have fond memories of that stable. Hope you are well and thanks for thinking of me!

  3. wOW, such a stuning beauty, Lisa is. I love how she has decided to pursue her passion of writing, even though she could be the hottest female on the planet- I love and admire that. Oh my, those brown eyes ake ya want to melt – check out the green eyes at the below web page… hmm…

  4. Bravo! It is very nice to know that you are just as normal as your portrayal of the lovable young lady in Mrs. Doubtfire. You helped to make Robin William’s role more realistic. I was convinced that your character really believed he was that “Nanny” so his performance was enhanced by you. It is not important weather it was easy for you to accomplish that or not. You did it! And you did it beautifully. May you have a wonderful life. And thank you for proving that it is more important to love what you do, than to do it so that you will be loved. Sincerely, Ted

    1. Thank you for the kind words. And thanks for calling Lydia “lovable” – too many people say she was mean! She wasn’t mean, just having a hard time…I always defend her.

  5. Hey Lisa, I just wanted to say I love Mrs. Doubtfire it’s one of my favorite movies. It always has been my favorite movie but I just now got it on dvd for my birthday last month. I’ve always had it on vhs tape and seen countless of reruns. Me and my sisters were always joking about how we thought you kind of looked like our older sister at that age and act like her. I thought that was pretty funny. I’m so sorry about Robin Williams I know how much he meant to both you and Mara. Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors. My prayers go out to all of you who worked with him and his family.

  6. As an Agent of over 30 years, you lose contact with so many Actors, they move on, or they leave the business. You my love I have always thought of, from that sweet little girl walking into my office with your mom. So glad that you are happy, as that is what I have always wished for the young talent that started with me. You were on a solid run of productions for so long. You have found a life that is fulfilling and that is all at the end of the day that I pray for with so many young actors. It seems that writing is your passion, all the best, and know that I have been a fan of yours since you were 4 years old!!! Deb McGuin xoxox

    1. Hi Debi! How wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for reaching out and being so sweet – I love this blog for the fact that it is reconnecting me to so many important people from my past. I hope you are doing well! Xoxox

    1. A few of them. Not many. It’s kind of like asking if you still keep in touch with everyone you went to summer camp with. Mostly, people just tend to move on to other things…

      1. Exactly! I’ve managed to stay friends with a couple people from high school but, everyone moves and you lose contact with people…not intentionally, but, it happens. I think real and true friendship lasts forever, though.

  7. HI Mrs. Jakub,
    I love reading through your blog! I’m a high school student and am so passionate about writing. Looking through your hilarious posts makes me want to start my own blog 🙂 I love your writing style… I can’t wait for your new book to come out…I will be looking for it at my bookstore!

    By the way, you look beautiful in those pictures you posted! That’s a nice dog 🙂

  8. Hi lisa !! I just met You and You are so nice 🙂 You máde me and im so happy i got
    To meet You. Never Change
    ❤️💜💚💞 Julia Marie

  9. Dear Miss Jakub,

    I am a huge fan of yours and love your movies. Especially Mrs. Doubtfire and Independance day. I was just wondering if you have a fan mail address for autograph requests? You are absolutely beautiful and talented and I wish you all the best and look forward to your continued success!

    Thank you
    Your fan,

    John Hayes

    1. Thanks for the kind words, John! I don’t really do autographs anymore. I do have signed books available at – but that’s about it!

  10. So glad you are normal. Not that stuck uptight Hollywood people. Thanks. Yep, pretty cute too.

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