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Recent or upcoming speaking engagements:

Ketchum Public Relations

HippoCamp Non-fiction Writer’s Conference

Lady Project Summit (keynote)

RCW139 Convention

Elizabethtown College

Bridge Center at Johnson & Wales University

Mohawk Valley Community College

Bower’s Writer’s House

Glenvar High School

South Mecklenburg High School

Jefferson Madison Regional Library

Virginia Festival of the Book

For examples of my talks, please see the videos below:

*** Kind words about Lisa’s speaking engagements ***

“To suggest Lisa Jakub is a talented writer and speaker is like suggesting that Jupiter is a pretty big planet; understatement at its finest. Lisa has the innate ability to engage audiences large and small with equal authenticity and energy. Her passion for expressing the dynamic pathways of her life is truly felt, and being near her one feels an immediate connection to kindness, intelligence, compassion and creativity. While Hollywood may be greatly lessened by her absence, the writing world is never giving her back.”

-Jesse Waters, Director, Bowers Writers House

“After admiring Lisa’s work for years now, I was very excited to approach her for a speaking opportunity, to which she kindly took on. For Ketchum PR’s creative community monthly call, I wanted someone who could speak innovatively to a group of fellow creatives who might just need a fresh and stimulating perspective on how to take on their work. Lisa not only delivered an exceptional talk on creative authenticity, but engrossed a group of people with a gripping story of her journey to writing and how she relates these life lessons to her current work. In a rare event, the C-level executives at Ketchum tuned into the talk and were highly impressed and said Lisa made the hour our best monthly call yet. Lisa truly knows how to transfer what she’s learned and experienced in her fascinatingly unique life and turn it into a beautiful presentation while simultaneously crafting a thought-provoking look on the process of a writer in a very inspiring way.”

-Samantha O’Brochta, Ketchum PR

“Lisa has spoken to my classes at Elizabethtown College twice now, and invariably, at the end of the semester, my students always cite her visit as one of the highlights. They are always captivated by her presence, her story, her thoughts on writing, and her advice. As long as she is willing I intend for Lisa to be a fixture in my courses.”

– Tyler Grimm, writer and English professor, Elizabethtown College

“{Lisa’s} Sunday morning reading was extremely inspiring. I know many of our attendees were very impressed and described it as a highlight of the weekend. Thank you for being such a big part of the event and making it so special for all of us.”

– Stephane Racle & John Wright, RCW139 Convention

“I can’t imagine HippoCamp 2015 WITHOUT Lisa Jakub’s presence! Lisa was a big part of Hippocampus Magazine’s inaugural conference for creative nonfiction writers. Her personality lit up the stage twice. First, she shared an entertaining excerpt from her memoir as part of our Friday evening readings; it was an absolute delight for our attendees. The following morning Lisa served on our debut author panel where she and four other newer authors offered valuable insight from their paths from unpublished to published. Her perspective added tremendous value to the program, and our “HippoCampers” enjoyed conversing with her throughout the three-day event. She’s articulate, she’s smart, she’s funny, and she’s genuine, warm and friendly. But most of all, she has a story to tell. I highly recommend adding Lisa Jakub to YOUR line-up.

– Donna Talarico, Founder and Publisher, Hippocampus Magazine

“Drawing from a wealth of personal experience as a successful Actress and Writer, Lisa Jakub offers a unique perspective on life that captivates her audiences. My students were spell-bound as she candidly shared both her triumphs and failures, in a manner that was both riveting and profoundly honest.”

– Steve Franco, Director Theatre Glenvar High

“Lisa Jakub is not a typical former child star, nor are many of my students living the typical American dream in two-parent households with a white picket fence. At South Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC, my students come from all walks of life. All of them are constantly in need of reassurance from the world around them that being different is something that is to be embraced, and not something of which one should be ashamed. While many celebrities, former or otherwise, often speak of the glamor of Hollywood and a fast buck, Lisa Jakub earns the students’ respect (and mine) by speaking straight from the heart with a raw amount of honesty about her past, her present, and her future. Her mantra? Do what you love. Be passionate. Work hard. Embrace your weird.”

– Molly Rowland, South Mecklenburg High

“[Lisa] is a lovely and brave soul. I really loved her reading and talk—it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there the way she has. One of my students told me that she just turned 25 and she’s been thinking about where she wants to be and Lisa’s talk has been very thought provoking for her.”

– Donna Remington, Johnson & Wales University

13 Replies to “Appearances & events”

  1. Hi my name is Paul Murnaghan. I am currently residing in a CM Care Unit. This would be a studio flat in London with five other housemates and 24 hour nurses on shift. Most of us have lived in hospital wards before it. I myself have spent roughly 3 years in care as an in/outpatient and have happily moved on to here, the area where I was born in Tooting. I am very sorry you lost one of your mentors recently. My condolences. I decided to look at your web pages recently as I saw a desk in a gallery which had plastic boarding with a picture of the ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ cast. It was near my family home.
    I was surprised to read that you also suffered panic attacks. I’m the same. I say to my mother ‘Please make the most of your/our next coffee because anyone in our situation would pay £10 for a large hot mocha which we could enjoy at our own pace.’ I have left coffee shops early at least 30 times over the past 2 years. But we all have our cross to bear- I have to admit that before it I was having up to three a day!
    Thank you for sharing so much of your story and I would love to visit your book signing. Maybe you could make one in London- perhaps in ‘Daunt’ bookshop in Chelsea which is coffee central. I am also still in touch with the NHS service which I love as they looked after me so well. Anyway, I have added you as a ‘Like’ on Facebook. Have a nice day and bless you xx

      1. Thank You. There is a cafe called ‘Paul’ beside ‘Daunt’ which I have been afraid to go into but have really gotten better since I last wrote to you. I will venture in there the next time there is a signing and have a large Mocha with whipped cream before the wine etc. x

  2. Big fan of yours from your movies “Mrs Doubtfire” and “Independence Day”… any chance you are coming to the Baltimore/Washington DC area for any book signings and/or appearances?

    1. Thanks! And yes! I’m just working out the date for Arlington – I’ll post it as soon as it’s confirmed. And I’d love to get to Baltimore sometime, too, because I have friends there…

  3. Hi Lisa, Can’t wait to read the book, but hoping to purchase in NJ and get it signed and of course in this day and age, also get the photo opp with you, me, and my kids who I’m teaching about the classic movies from the 80’s and 90’s. Loved your work in Mrs. Doubtfire, and of course now my five year old daughter enjoys as well. 🙂 Any chance of a New Jersey book signing?

  4. Hi,really liked your acting in mrs. doubtfire and A child’s cry for help and I think that you are talented in the writing way now, I just ordered my book and can’t wait to get it, I would love to meet you someday so if you ever come to Newport News or hampton bookstores that would be wonderful!

  5. When i was a Teenager i had a crush on you….now, many years later and after the sad loss of Robin Williams i watched Mrs. Doubtfire again…and it triggered many feelings…one of them was that i was reminded of my teenage hollywood crush 😀 then i was wondering what happened to you and found this page and the fact that you left hollywood in 2000….glad i found this page and wanted to send regards 🙂 you still look amazingly cute 🙂 thanks for reminding me of old days and happy memories…

  6. I was re-watching after, like, at least 15 years or so, mrs. Doubtfire.
    And in seeing you again, I just wondered: “Who knows which other films she has been acted into?”.
    And then I discovered you retired quite a long time ago.
    Well, I’m here to say hello to you! 😀

    Enrico, from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy

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