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I am a 200hr Kripalu certified yoga teacher and I am deeply passionate about sharing yoga.

I love teaching private classes because many people feel intimidated walking into a yoga studio, with all those bendy people in stretchy pants. I get it. I was terrified to go to my first class. I have anxiety and a panic disorder and I couldn’t even touch my toes. What the hell was I doing in a yoga class? 

But yoga turned my life upside down in the best possible way. It offered me tools to manage my anxiety, depression and panic attacks. It cured the pain and lingering nerve damage I suffered from a broken back. It showed me a more peaceful and mindful way to live my life. I’ve now had a devoted practice for more than eight years and I love helping others discover the wide range of physical and emotional benefits that come from yoga.

My very first yoga student was my grandmother after her stroke — so those who are not traditional “yoga types” have a special place in my heart. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. 

My training in Kripalu yoga has a strong focus on breath/body awareness and is very permissive, with lots of variations and modifications. My belief is that yoga is grounded in love, self-acceptance, and presence. Everything else is a side-effect.

I have also studied Vinyasa yoga and traditional yoga philosophy, which help inform my personal teaching style. I enjoy teaching trauma-informed yoga for those who are struggling with the effects of a stressful event or PTSD.

If you are interested in having me come to your event or business to teach yoga, please contact me via this site or email

Current public yoga offerings:


November 2-5

Writing and Wellness Yoga Retreat

Art of Living Retreat Center. Boone, NC


January 8

Yoga for Anxiety – 5 week series at Common Ground 


February 26 – April 2

Yoga for Anxiety – 6 week series at Common Ground 


March 30 – April 1

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health 

Writing and yoga for anxiety workshop


September 6 – 9

Yoga retreat – details TBD


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Adult First Aid/CPR/AED certified